From short span, simple beam bridges to longer span truss bridges, we are practiced in the design of a variety of forms of footbridges and access bridges.

Our experience of specialist design and specialist structures helps us to find innovative solutions to a wide range of engineering problems.  We would be happy to discuss your project whether it is slightly out of the ordinary or a typical engineering scheme.

Footbridges and access bridges


Our engineers have experience in all aspects of bridge design on many different types of bridge structures.

Cat 3 and independent design checking

We have a wide range of experience of performing Category 3 (Cat III) or 3rd party checks for a variety of applications. For example, temporary access platforms above and below bridges, electricity pylons during cable upgrading works, bridges and other highway structures.

Crane support steelwork


Whether designing for a new independent support frame, upgrading your existing crane system for a larger SWL or adding an additional crane to the existing structure.  We can design your new structure, determine the suitability of your existing structure and advise on required alterations.

Failure investigation and expert witness


We can undertake investigations for the insurance industry and legal profession, civil engineering contractors and consultants to investigate failures, defects and incidents relating to the design, construction and use of the built environment.

Fatigue analysis


Certain steel structures are particularly prone to fatigue failure under repetitive loads that are significantly below the ultimate strength capacity of the structure at the time of construction. Peak Engineers can undertake an analysis of structures of this kind to estimate the fatigue life of the key joints within the structure.

Seismic analysis


Our engineers have experience of analysis and design of seismically qualified component and support structures for the nuclear industry, and on structures for use in active earthquake zones overseas.


Quality You Can Trust

All of our work is carried out or checked by structural engineers (member of the Institute of Structural Engineers). Our work is covered by professional indemnity insurance.