We have wide ranging experience of design and Category 3 (Cat III) checking of temporary works for a variety of applications, such as; temporary access platforms above and below bridges, support steelwork and shoring for large excavations.

Our underground structures design experience includes pumping stations, below ground parking garages, retaining walls, drainage and water control structures.

Temporary works structures


Peak Engineers have experience in the design of all manner and sizes of temporary structures from shoring unstable ground excavations to a variety of working platforms during bridge repairs.

Water retaining and water control structures


Whether it’s to hold water inside a structure, outside a structure, or a structure to control the flow of water (e.g. flood gates, stop logs).

Foundation and substructure design


Our substructure design capabilities will find the right foundation solution for your project, accounting for the topographic and geological conditions on site.

Retaining walls


We have considerable expertise in the analysis and design of earth retaining structures and retaining walls.  These may be new earth retaining structures or retaining walls, within or adjacent to existing buildings and structures.

Cat 3 and independent design checking


We have a wide range of experience of performing Category 3 (Cat III) or 3rd party checks for a variety of applications. For example, temporary access platforms above and below bridges, electricity pylons during cable upgrading works, bridges and other highway structures.


Quality You Can Trust

All of our work is carried out or checked by structural engineers (member of the Institute of Structural Engineers). Our work is covered by professional indemnity insurance.